Saturday, July 31, 2010

Internal Medicine Posting

It's been awhile i havent write anything...many things playin in mind lately..most of the time wud like to motivate myself&think positive&enjoy your day ahead. Its da best thing to do rather than allowing negativities to dominant ur mind. Well,it will decay u&da faster u wl luk older..hahaha=P
Hearing negative words from certain2 people, really make me sick. Its not really bad things happened to them, its just how they perceived things.

Not bein able to express wut i felt is sooo me especially when it cums to annoyance towards how ppl treat u@frustrating towards someone@if anythin goes wrong@whenever negativities cum.I'd rather keep it inside rather than let it out. I wud rather stay in a room or sumtimes went somewhere dat can give me tranquility. As I train myself to forgive&forget (but there's a limit also)

Sooo back to the topic.hehe. Da above was just for my therapy.Haha. Its been an enjoyable time in Internal Medicine Posting. Ive setup my own study group with year 5 consist of AJ, Rodhi, Mekti, Nabilah & Hafis Mat Top. They are very high spirited juniors. Really enjoy sharing knowledge with them. Eventhough after this i will be moving to surgery department, i will still try to join their discussion. I made a promise to myself that i dont want to forget the knowledge that i learned so far. May Allah ease my way through dis 6 months posting =)

Internal medicine - 2nd week (11th July - 18th July) :-
I took 2 days off (selasa&rabu) to send my family to KLIA. They were moving to Jubail,Arab Saudi for about 2/3 years. I resume my study on Wednesday evening. I dont want to miss PBL session by Dr Marzuki. I drove from KL as early as 8.30 - 9 am in the morning and reached Kuantan at 1 pm. Its indeed very hectic but for the sake of knowledge i surpassed the distance challenge. Yeayy~ for me.Hehe. Even Dr Marzuki surprised to see me attending his tutorial as i asked for 2 days off.

On Friday (16th July) I had a long case session wit Dr Marzuki (he is my supervisor for this week) after his usual ward round. I just love following his round. It reminds me how excited we were during my third years following his round. (Me, Yana Nordin&Kakti ) He always shoot us with questions&we try our best to answer him. But most of the time, we got a new homework from him. Ok, back to the point.Hehe. I presented a Non-hodgkin Lymphoma case presented with multiple lymph nodes at his neck& axilla areas which associated with B symptoms. I still remember, we once did short case about lymphoma with him. But today, i could understand this cases even more. Thank You Doctor. I will always pray for your good health & Happiness fiddunya wal akhirah.

On the weekends, i went home again, celebrating my mother in laws 51st birthday. Happy birthday, mak.

Internal Medicine - 3rd Week (19th July - 25th July) -
This week, Prof How was my supervisor. I called him to arrange class. However, he was busy the whole week & postpone to next week. so I try to make an arrangement with Dr Che Rosle. Since he had to go to Jerantut/Temerloh, I forgot.Hoho. We rescheduled the session to next Tuesday. So this week, i joined all 5th years classes as usual, following Dr Marzuki&Dr Hasnur rounds. Then, I realised that I was able to remember most of the topics that i learned before.That makes me very happy. So I taught few juniors of what I learned in order to enhance the memory.

This week also we started our study group with 5th years friends. We cover cardiovascular system& stroke. It was a great discussion. Thank You, guys.

During weekends, i call up few juniors to have short cases&discussion with them (The group dat i taught before). We went to have breakfast as early as 7.45am at PakLah. We had a great chitchat together while eating up our roti canai. Then we headed to JHC to book the discussion room& put our bags in before we climbed up the internal medicine wards. We did neurological short cases. Now i understand how our lecturers felt when we forgot what they had already taught us. Haha. Later, we tried to find any interesting abdominal short case but to no avail. So we made our way back to library for discussion. That day, we discussed about stroke & infections diseases like Dengue, Leptospirosis, Typhoid. Luckily, we also joined by Mekti (5th year friend). she also has discussion wit her group but they finished up early & she joined us. Thank You, Mekti!!

Internal Medicine - 4th Week (26th July - 1st August) :-
This is my last week in this department. This week i will have 3 extra classes with 3 different doctors - Dr Che Rosle, Prof How & Dr Ng (He's my supervisor for this week).

On tuesday evening, i had a long case session wit Dr Che Rosle. He wanted me to clerk a renal cases. So i presented to him a 59 years old malay man with underlying ESRF for the past 10 years currently admitted for parathyroidectomy. My session was joined by dear 5th year friends. Thank You,guys. Its the first time i presented Hyperparathyroidism cases. I clerk him on the morning as I would like to time my clerking. However, i exceed the time & clerked him for 1&half hours.Hoho. He taught us about hyperparathyroidism, how to diagnosed&investigate. Later he touched on renal replacement therapy. It was a detail discussion indeed & I love it!!!! But felt sorry to dear juniors who follow the session, it was a lengthy one & hope da discussion benefits all of u =)

On wednesday, i had short cases session with Dr Ng. Initially, he asked me to do long cases but i requested for short cases because this week i already had 2 long cases. *Saturated mode* So,we did 3 cases - respiratory system (bronchogenic Ca), CVS system (prosthetic valve) & Neuro case (CVA). I learned a lot today. I practiced a lot for this short cases however during respiratory, i fumbled&forgot few things - flapping tremor&vocal resonance. Frustrating!!!!hahaha. Frankly, I was nervous like hell. As usual, my session was joined by dear juniors. Hope they learned from the discussion.

On Friday, i had long case with Prof How after the CPC at his room. I presented a case of 32 years old indian man who is unemployed with the history of chronic heavy alcoholic drinker currently presented with seizure. I really admired prof How. He taught me to the very great details. He easily found my weak spot & advised me to improved. I should understand more about VT, cardioversion & defibb.

Apart from these classes, regarding my study group with 5th year friends- we focused on renal topics (Nephrotic,nephritic, APKD, ARF, CRF, ATN, RAS, RTA ) & we touched on anatomy of renal & relate it to diuretics. Yeayyy~ now i understand more about renal wic i seldom read up previously =)

Yesterday, i had revision with 3rd Years - we discussed on ACS.

So this is it, i already came to an end of my internal medicine posting. 1 Down, 5 more to go. Im looking forward for another great experiences. I thanked Kak Wawa for her assisstance in this 1 month & kindly asked her to pray for my success.

p/s- training myself to start everything with bismillah. As i always forget.Huhu

Friday, July 9, 2010

Welcome To Clinical Years, Dear Juniors~

Minggunie saya membuat keputusan utk 'stay' sahaja di kuantan. Hal ini kerana saya akan pulang ke rumah pada hari isnin depan seusai kelas bersama Dr hasnur. Saya mengambil cuti selama 2 hari.Rabu saya nekad utk bertolak awal kerana pada petangnya akan diadakan kelas.

Keputusan untuk tidak pulang ke rumah hujung minggu ini juga kerana mengenangkan junior tahun 3 yang masih 'blur' dan perlukan tunjuk ajar daripada senior sebelum mereka memulakan posting mereka minggu hadapan. Apabila ditanyakan, apakah yang dipelajari selama seminggu elementary. Mereka menjawab hanya pengenalan kepada setiap posting & cara untuk mengambil 'history' pesakit sahaja. Kali ini,department hendak mempercepatkan proses pembelajaran dgn memendekkan elementary yang selama ini diadakan selama sebulan kepada seminggu sahaja. Jadinya, 'physical examination' akan terus diajar di dalam wad.

Seorang junior mencurahkan rasa hatinya, cuak&gelisah untuk memulakan posting pertama ini. Saya cuba menenangkannya dengan berkata, "Jom,esok akak ajar macamane nak examine patient ok??pukul 9 di wad. Ajakla beberapa orang kawan-kawan kamu. Malam ini,cuba baca sedikit buku talley itu. Esok jangan lupe bawak sekali." Gembira rasanya 'message' yang resah gelisah daripada junior itu bertukar menjadi nada gembira & akan cuba belajar dengan bersungguh2 esok.

Tepat jam 9,kami berkumpul di hospimart. Adik2 nie sangatlaa semangat, 8.50 sudah sampai & menghubungi saya yang masih dalam perjalanan.Haha.Bagus punctuality is a must for a doctor to be.Malu jugak rasanya,kakak senior pulak yang lambat daripada mereka. Saya berkenalan dengan mereka. 5 orang semuanya. 3 orang sudah saya kenali. Mereka adalah, arif, muiz, afifah, tasnim, dayah. Sebelum memulakan perkongsian ilmu, saya menyatakan kepada mereka,

" Apabila masuk clinical years, kamu semua akan dapat ilmu daripada pelbagai orang, tak kira lecturers atau seniors, tapi yang hendak ditekankan, kamu harus tahu dari mane sumber mane ilmu itu datang. Untuk physical examination, please refer to your talley.

Eventhough, i teach u guys the physical examination today, after this make sure u refer from the books. That's why i want you to bring the book along, u can refer straightaway. The knowledge today, please share it with your colleagues & if they ask where did u learn this, please mention it's from talley & dont mention it's from seniors."

Saya menerangkan apa yang mereka patut buat pada hari pertama di wad. Perkenalkan diri pada sister untuk orientasi di wad. Hendak masuk ke rumah orang, perlu berkenalan dengan tuan rumahnya. Kemudian, saya tunjukkan tempat menyimpan beg, di mana buku kemasukan pesakit & serba sedikit tentang keadaan di wad. Terbayang di benak pemikiran saya, perasaan saya apabila pertama
kali menjejakkan kaki di wad. Wad ini dirasakan begitu asing sekali. Hendak menghampiri pesakit juga bertolak-tolak sesama sendiri.Haha. Saya luahkan ini kepada mereka.

Next, we approach one pakcik with the history of coughing for 2 months. I show them a little bit how to start clerking the patient, what is the approach, the importance of differential diagnosis in mind, than we proceed with exmaination. We start with respiratory examination. I taught them the sequence & the reasons behind it (All this can enhance my memory about the topic& my skill to detect the signs in this patient. But previously, i have class with dr harris. So I know my finding is correct& had been confirmed by our lecturers.haha)

They are very lucky to have a patient with very obvious finding & dat pakcik was very kind enough that he did not mind being examine many times by the juniors. he even know shoe the juniors how to do percussion!!! haha. Afterwards, we thank the pakcik & i told him, after this, when the juniors practice among themselves, the rewards also will go to him. This is because of him, the juniors can appreciate the findings. Then, we thank th epakcik and moves to the next patient.

( This patient had right lung collapse - clubbing, small muscle wasting of the hand, trachea deviation to the right, findings confine to the right lung where there were asymmetrical chest movement, reduce chest expansion, reduce tactile fremitus, dull on percussion, reduce intensity of breath sounds) - also demonstrate them what is vesicular&bronchial breath sounds, their characteristic&ask them to here their own lungs and also auscultate over the trache to appreciate bronchial breath sounds.

I wish to teach them neurological examination, but there was no patient with neurological deficit at this moment in the ward. So i approach a patient with right side infective endocarditis. Unfortunately, the murmur is so soft that the juniors will definitely have difficulty to appreciate the sound. But the important is they know how to perform the cardiovascular examination. The juniors are very lucky indeed (yeah,unlucky for the patient though~), that this patient has collapsing pulse & alhamdulillah, they can appreciate it on the their first day in the ward.Hehe

Afterwards, we rest ourselves in the nurses room, made a halaqah & discussed back what we had done before. I told them the common cases that they need to cover first. I give few tips for them to survive on their first day.

Selain itu, saya juga mengingatkan kepada mereka,jangan terlalu negatif untuk memulakan posting kamu disebabkan oleh cerita-cerita sensasi yang selalu diceritakan kepada juniors. Pengalaman setiap orang dalam klinikal adalah berbeza. Alaminya sendiri dan baru kamu tahu kebenarannya. Jadinya, saya galakkan mereka untuk membuka minda&hati, be neutral, think positive. InsyaAllah the aura that u transmits to the people around u, will ease your way in your clinical years.

Saya juga mengatakan ini kepada mereka, 'Welcome to the world where nobody cares about u". Jadinya in the ward remember this (Which i learnt from prof Muhaya):

There are 3 types of person
  1. Person who make things to happen
  2. Person who wait things to happen
  3. Person who wonders what happen
Saya menggalakkan mereka untuk menjadi golongan pertama.

Beranikan diri untuk menghampiri doktor & ikut round mereka. Jika ingin pelajari sesuatu, jangan takut untuk bertanya, jadilah pro-aktif. Disamping itu, prosedur di wad, jangan sesekali diabaikan. Ini akan memberi keyakinan kepada mereka sepanjang mereka berada di tahun klinikal & sekaligus memudahkan mereka menjalani 'Housemanship' mereka nanti. Jadilah seorang yang bertanggugjawab untuk 'cover' pesakit yang sudah diberikan kepada mereka. Yes, clinical years will make you busy with lots of things to do, but i assure u, it will be an enjoyable session for you.

"Ya Allah, kau yang maha kuasa&maha penyayang, mudahkanlah urusan kami. Kau bukalah jalan kejayaan kepada kami. Hampirkan kami kepada orang-orang yang beriman & dapat membantu kami dalam kehidupan seharian kami. Aminn~"

p/s- esok saya akan mengadakan diskusi bersama tahun 5 pula. semoga ilmu yang dikongsi diberkati =)

Cinta Sejati

Kepada encik suami yg sgt2 dirindui...thanx for all ur du'a&support...

I will never forget all ur advices..

Thanx for being such a wonderful husband..

Im no superwoman & u always said ure no superman...

But we always try to live a better life together...

Didoakan semoga semuanya berkekalan hingga akhir hayat =)


Stiap hari,kite diingatkan utk bsyukur pd Allah...

Syukur bkn hanya apabila kite mndapat durian runtuh sahaja.Syukur dgn Allah,kite masih hidup keesokan harinye,masih mampu bertutur,berfikir dgn waras,dapat menggunakan segala pancar indera,bsyukur seluruh keluarga kite masih dipanjangkan umur & paling penting bersyukur dgn iman&islam &kite masih diizinkan oleh Allah utk tetap dlm jalan yg lurus =) ALHAMDULILLAH~

MInggunie saya sgt bersyukur kerana perjalanan hidup sy sgt dimudahkan.Bersyukur kerana setiap doktor memberi perhatian penuh,bersyukur mempunyai junior yg boleh blajar bersama&pada masa yang sama menjadi tempat rujukan mereka berdiskusi,bersyukur diberi kemudahan kenderaan utk bergerak kemana-mana,bersyukur perjalanan pulang&pergi ke hospital sgt dimudahkan,bersyukur dikurniakan adik2 rumet yg 'sekepala' &memahami.

Minggunie sahaja,byk telah dipelajari.Stiap hari pasti ada kelas.Masa sentiasa terisi.Teringat sesi pertama pembelajaran dgn new UIA cardiologist,Dr Hasnur.Iras2 muka Mr Islah Munjih,muda lagi orgnye..tibe2 teringat Dr Azizi.haha(xtaulaa ape kaitan..hehe). Sudah menjadi kebiasaan kite dari 3rd year dahulu.Jikalau kelas pada minggu pertama nie,pasti byk lagi yg tidak dibaca&masih blurr tahap2 tertinggi.Disebabkan skang saya ini remedial,soalan2 basic yang dikemukakan oleh doktor,pasti saya berjaya menjawabnya.Alang-alang sampai turn saya(kitorg wat bulatan), pasti saya dapat jawab.Sampai doktor pun berkata "dah2,kamu jawab satuje..yg lain pas org sebelah..pandai sgt budaknie".Apalagi,tergelak sakan saya disitu.Dalam hati sgt berbunga =P,bukan senang nak dpt dipuji oleh doktor sebelum ini.Haha.

Pada ms yg sama,terbit rasa sgt syukur dlm diri.Alhamdulillah,ilmu Allah itu,masih melekat dlm hati.Selepas kelas itu,saya bertemu secara personally dengan doktor,perkenalkan diri&menyatakan status pembelajaran saya sekarang ini.Barulah doktor faham&semoga selepas ini,doktor dapat mengajar saya yang lebih lagi dari apa yang saya sudah pelajari sebelum ini&dapat 'drag' diskusi dengan lebih 'detail' lagi terutamanya 'management' pesakit.

Hari berikutnya, saya mengikuti teaching bersama dr Che Rosle,dr Marzuki,Dr Ng&Dr Harris. Soalan dr Ng & Dr Harris tersangkut2 jugak menjawabnye.Hahaha.Terutamanya apabila masuk ke part management.huhu.Saya nekad utk improvekan pemahaman saya pada bahagian ini.

Terus terang saya katakan, ada hari-hari tertentu tibe-tibe terasa bosan.Lahir dari hati,teruk jugak rasa kena mengulang benda yg sama ni.Perasaan saya ini,saya suarakan pada prof hamizah&prof Zalina(gara2 ke rumah mereka utk menonton Digi Da Next Level-husband Adlina menyertai program realiti TV itu ).Lantas Prof Zalina bersuara,cuba bayangkan kami yg mengulang perkara yang sama utk mengajar student.Terus terdiam saya disitu,betapa besar pengorbanan doktor utk membina&membangunkan masyarakat yg berilmu.

Jadinya,saya berkata kepada diri,akan lebih banyak berbincang kes-kes di wad bersama junior & bakal membuat diskusi bersama mereka.(teringat kak nasirah,bile kak nasirah nak menyertai saya.sesunggunya,saya kadang-kala strict orangnya.Nak seribu daya,xnak seribu dalih.Tapi atas nasihat kawan2,akan saya usahakan untuk memberi smangat kepada kakak ku yg seorg ini.Semoga Allah memberi kekuatan&kesabaran kepada saya)

Harinie,sewaktu pulang dari wad,tibe-tibe terdengar suara yg menegur."Balik dah ke??" Terus saya menoleh ke kanan. Terkejut juga saya disitu. Lantas tersenyum apabila sangat mengenali individu yang menegur saya, sambil menjawab. "Pegi library doktor" Tak sangka,Dr Hasnur boleh menegur saya begitu. Dari situ berlaku perbualan antara saya dan doktor Hasnur. Dia sangat bermotivasi tinggi&mempunyai target dalam hidup. dia sgt mengalu-alukan kedatangan student mengikuti 'round'nye. Sampai dia tanye di wad kepada kami, Kenapa tiada yang mengikuti roundnya pada malam hari. Rupanya oncall junior akan bermula minggu hadapan. ALHAMDULILLAH~ Sangat beruntung mempunyai doktor yang mempunyai 'passion' mengajar seperti beliau.

"Ya Allah, kau bantulah aku dlm menjalani kehidupan harianku. Kaulah tempatku mengadu saban hari&kepadaMu lah aku memohon simpati. Kau lancarkanlah urusanku. Tunjukkanku jalan yg lurus, jalan yang dilimpahi rahmat&nikmatMu.

Kau panjangkanlah umur keempat ibu bapaku,suamiku, guru2ku,rakan2ku&diriku. Kau mudahkanlah urusan kami&murahkanlah rezeki kami. Sesungguhnya, Engkaulah yg maha kuasa,maha bijaksana,yg maha penentu segala."

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Pada tanggal 5julai 2010(Isnin) adalah hari pertama saya memulakan kembali perjalanan saya sbg seorg pelajar...sgt excited...1st time pegi wad bukan dgn kepala kosong&otak's a different feelings all together...

Minggu pertama nie..Dr Che Rosle(HOD of IM dept of UIA) will be da person incharge of da remedial students (act its just me for now, kaknasirah xdtg lagi coz xsehat..wahed wl b joining us in october).disebabkan dah janji dgn doctor nak wat klass keesokan hrnya (selasa)...y not pegi2 wad lu...tgk kes ape yg ada..dok prefer kes neuro@CVS...i just have a luk at da pt&notice only two neuro case in da whole 4 wards..huhu...however,i found a limb girdle muscular she's about to discharged dat evening...

A 20 year old gal (sgt cute adiknie..snyum yg sgt ikhlas&trime keadaan dia seadanya..sedey tlupe plak nama dia..huhu )

One day (3yars ago,at da age of 17) when she's about to go to school..suddenly she fell down..she felt her leg suddenly became weak..prior to da incident,she was very healthy,active&no underlying illness before..

Bermula dari hari itu...hidupnya mula berubah..tidak lagi boleh seaktif dulu..pada awal penyakitnya masih boleh berjalan walaupun perlahan&with support...lama kelamaan,mau pusingkan badan from supine to prone pun perlukan bantuan...kalo boleh gerak pn sangat slow...

dia yg awalnya sihat..badannya makin lama makin susut..langsung xselera makan..
penjagaan diri juga perlukan bantuan...pergerakannya bertambah limited...
it affects her girdles...cannot comb her hair..her mother will tie her hair...
pakai baju pun susah..sarong sua kena guna hanger..coz if dia tunduk,dia akan jatuh..
pakai baju kena sandar pd dinding...but cara nie yana xbape phm....
keismpulannya,she's not free to do things she usually does before...kena duduk dirumah sahaja...if gi toilet..kena berdiri...if duduk,dia akan susah nk bangun&perlukan bantuan org lain...

Initially,she was suspected to have polimyositis...after mc biopsy was done..she finally found to have limb girdle dystrophy...aftterwards,she was started on IVIG..her previous medication wic is prednisolone was still continued...
there was once she has signs of steroid toxicity...after her steroids dosage was tapered down...all da signs gone...she told me there was no history of dis disease in her family...

twice a week..she will go to hosp to for exercise her muscles(avoid from become atrophy)..she also undergo hydrotherapy...she likes swimming very much...bcz only dis time,she will able to move freely all of her limbs without restriction...bcz water eliminates gravity she felt lighter...

eventho,she had difficulty in living..she still finished her SPM...during da exam,she was in a bad shape with worsening&progressing weakness of all her 4limbs..but alhamdulillah,she still able to hold pencil&write...she later was accepted in one of our matriculationcentre(gambang)...she stays at her house as it is not far from da centre..since she walked veeeerrryyyyy slow..she was adviced to have her own wheelchair to move around in da campus...

Her ambition was to be an engineer(she's a pure science student)...but due to dis problem..she is considered as OKU&did not fit da criteria to be an engineer (she just received her OKU card dis year) soo speechless after dat...
she already finished her matriculation&got an offer to futher her tertiary study in HUman Resource course (more to management) at ______ (aisey,lupa..huhu)

Currently,she asked 1year leave from da uni...she told me she wants to walk in da uni...dia kesian pd kwn2 yg akn slalu tlg dia...skangnie,dia berusaha tuk practice&comply to da physio regime..supaya kaki&tgn dia makin kuat&bole bjalan wpn perlahan...

b4 we end our conversation..i told her to say lots of du' her du'a surely will be accepted by Allah, pray for her parents dat had taken gud care of her & most important is be positive&never givup =)

i said to myself...her challenged is much much mucccccchhhhhhhhhhh worse than me...
so dis is da time to improve urself&be a doctor that u always dream for...Allah is not testing me...but Allah actually gives me a chance to be a better person fi dunya wal akhirah...redha atas hepi with it...insyaAllah u make it til da u always said..being a doctor is MY CHILDHOOD DREAM =)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Jadilah Manusia Luar Biasa

Puisi pemberian seorang sahabat bernama nurliyana nazri (thanx for da card dear )

Semoga dapat diambil pengajaran buat semua :-


Kalau menjadi batu
Jgn menjadi batu di tepi jalan
tiada nilainya, tiada harganya
dipijak org, disepak org
Tetapi jadilah batu permata
yg berkilau, yg sinar, dihargai orang

Kalau menjadi kayu
Jangan menjadi kayu biasa
yg reput, yg rapuh, yg patah
dibuang org merata-rata
Tetapi jadilah kayu jati
kayu yg mantap
mahal nilainya, dihargai org

Kalau menjadi manusia
jgn menjadi manusia biasa-biasa
longgar jiwa
rapuh imannya
sempit mindanya
gelap masa depannya
Tetapi jadilah manusia luar biasa
Gah jiwanya
Kental imannya
Tertib solatnya
Quran juadahnya
Luas pandangannya
Gemilang masa depannya

Perahu sudah di air
Pendayung sudah di tgn
Fikirlah, renunglah
Katakan pada dirimu
Bahawa aku tidak memilih
utk menjadi manusia biasa
Tapi aku memilih

The journey =)

Saya membuat keputusan utk berangkat pulang ke kuantan pd hari sabtu (3hb julai - smalam) memandangkan suami mempunyai pertandingan skill anjuran panasonic...kami btolak dr sg buloh tepat jam 3ptg smalam...
(tringat bagaimana rajin suami stadi scope soalan mereka&kemudian saya menyoal suami dgn membacakan soalan dr past years questions...tkenang zaman kena hafal mcq..haha)

Kami menaiki naza ria kepunyaan ayah yg kini dlm jagaan saya coz mak hanya mengendahkan myvi-nya sahaja...mak kata naza terlalu besar tuk dipandu..huhu..seminggu nie nampaknya saya akan menggunaka naza utk berulang alik ke hospital..mak aihh,segan plak if specialist nmpk student pkai naza ria yg bukan main besarnie..huhu..takpe,tuk smingguje...slepasnie saya akn memakai myvi kepunyaan mak pula...lega skit..hehe

Tepat jam 6.45ptg kami sampai di kuantan...
kami menginap semalaman di grand city hotel..kelihatan suami sgt selesa dgn hotel nie...acapkali ke kuantan pasti hotel ini yg jadi sasarannya =)

Sampai sahaja dikuantan..slepas check in, tanpa menurunkan brg..kami trus ke ECM tuk membeli dinner...ECM pada ketika ini meriah..mggnie giliran kuantan menjadi pilihan TM net football challenge...cabaran bola kelolaan MILO juga tidak kurang meriahnye...acara utk budak2 juga ada..budak sekecil 3tahun pun beria2 turut serta..

Selepas selesai membeli KFC dgn jayanye(trngin nak rasa toasted pocketfull..dah sdap gaklaa)..kami trus pulang ke hotel..dan bersiap sedia tuk menyaksikan perlawanan yg kami tunggu2 (rsnye org len pun sama kot..haha)..Germany Vs Argentina di stadium cape town....such a gud game played by german's team...byk gol!!! 4-0 tue..perghhh~ argentina was sooo confident to beat german's team...&gelak2kan england dikalahkan 4-1 oleh german...ha,dis is wut happen...eksyen lagi...haha..luking fwd to watch match btwn german & spain next friday =)

Enuf of football, back to my point of writing dis..haha..dis whole one day...during da journey...rasa bersyukur sgt..i suddenly have a gud feeling,rs tenang&sgt gembira tuk memulakan sesi pembelajaran yg baru...sbulan xpegang buku...sah2 akan ada byk yg mengenangkan sudah bsungguh2 revise last 2 months..insyaAllah boleh fresh up balik da memory..

I sms few doctors & tell them dat i'm heading back to kuantan...n will start da session tomorrow...all of them are looking fwd to see im back in da game...hehe...&craving for more knowledge =) I take dis 6months as a challenge tuk membaiki kelemahan sendiri & menganggap ini sbgai latihan sebelum memulakan houseman pada thn hadapan, insyaAllah =)

Sebagai pengajaran..mari sama2 melatih diri tuk sentiasa mulakan hari dgn doa&selawat...insyaAllah Allah akn mudahkan jalan kite =)

P/S -
My family will move to Jubail,Arab Saudi on 13th july(tuesday)...after dis,nak karang surat nak apply cuti for 3 days tuk anta family...bunyinye cam lama..but,its very important...I want to have 1day before family berangkat to settle things wit them esp regarding da house,bills,cars,etc..selasa mereka berangkat&rabu pagi baru saya btolak balik kemungkinan saya drive not sure when i be able to see them again..maybe at da end of dis year but it cud be around next year..huhu