Saturday, July 31, 2010

Internal Medicine Posting

It's been awhile i havent write anything...many things playin in mind lately..most of the time wud like to motivate myself&think positive&enjoy your day ahead. Its da best thing to do rather than allowing negativities to dominant ur mind. Well,it will decay u&da faster u wl luk older..hahaha=P
Hearing negative words from certain2 people, really make me sick. Its not really bad things happened to them, its just how they perceived things.

Not bein able to express wut i felt is sooo me especially when it cums to annoyance towards how ppl treat u@frustrating towards someone@if anythin goes wrong@whenever negativities cum.I'd rather keep it inside rather than let it out. I wud rather stay in a room or sumtimes went somewhere dat can give me tranquility. As I train myself to forgive&forget (but there's a limit also)

Sooo back to the topic.hehe. Da above was just for my therapy.Haha. Its been an enjoyable time in Internal Medicine Posting. Ive setup my own study group with year 5 consist of AJ, Rodhi, Mekti, Nabilah & Hafis Mat Top. They are very high spirited juniors. Really enjoy sharing knowledge with them. Eventhough after this i will be moving to surgery department, i will still try to join their discussion. I made a promise to myself that i dont want to forget the knowledge that i learned so far. May Allah ease my way through dis 6 months posting =)

Internal medicine - 2nd week (11th July - 18th July) :-
I took 2 days off (selasa&rabu) to send my family to KLIA. They were moving to Jubail,Arab Saudi for about 2/3 years. I resume my study on Wednesday evening. I dont want to miss PBL session by Dr Marzuki. I drove from KL as early as 8.30 - 9 am in the morning and reached Kuantan at 1 pm. Its indeed very hectic but for the sake of knowledge i surpassed the distance challenge. Yeayy~ for me.Hehe. Even Dr Marzuki surprised to see me attending his tutorial as i asked for 2 days off.

On Friday (16th July) I had a long case session wit Dr Marzuki (he is my supervisor for this week) after his usual ward round. I just love following his round. It reminds me how excited we were during my third years following his round. (Me, Yana Nordin&Kakti ) He always shoot us with questions&we try our best to answer him. But most of the time, we got a new homework from him. Ok, back to the point.Hehe. I presented a Non-hodgkin Lymphoma case presented with multiple lymph nodes at his neck& axilla areas which associated with B symptoms. I still remember, we once did short case about lymphoma with him. But today, i could understand this cases even more. Thank You Doctor. I will always pray for your good health & Happiness fiddunya wal akhirah.

On the weekends, i went home again, celebrating my mother in laws 51st birthday. Happy birthday, mak.

Internal Medicine - 3rd Week (19th July - 25th July) -
This week, Prof How was my supervisor. I called him to arrange class. However, he was busy the whole week & postpone to next week. so I try to make an arrangement with Dr Che Rosle. Since he had to go to Jerantut/Temerloh, I forgot.Hoho. We rescheduled the session to next Tuesday. So this week, i joined all 5th years classes as usual, following Dr Marzuki&Dr Hasnur rounds. Then, I realised that I was able to remember most of the topics that i learned before.That makes me very happy. So I taught few juniors of what I learned in order to enhance the memory.

This week also we started our study group with 5th years friends. We cover cardiovascular system& stroke. It was a great discussion. Thank You, guys.

During weekends, i call up few juniors to have short cases&discussion with them (The group dat i taught before). We went to have breakfast as early as 7.45am at PakLah. We had a great chitchat together while eating up our roti canai. Then we headed to JHC to book the discussion room& put our bags in before we climbed up the internal medicine wards. We did neurological short cases. Now i understand how our lecturers felt when we forgot what they had already taught us. Haha. Later, we tried to find any interesting abdominal short case but to no avail. So we made our way back to library for discussion. That day, we discussed about stroke & infections diseases like Dengue, Leptospirosis, Typhoid. Luckily, we also joined by Mekti (5th year friend). she also has discussion wit her group but they finished up early & she joined us. Thank You, Mekti!!

Internal Medicine - 4th Week (26th July - 1st August) :-
This is my last week in this department. This week i will have 3 extra classes with 3 different doctors - Dr Che Rosle, Prof How & Dr Ng (He's my supervisor for this week).

On tuesday evening, i had a long case session wit Dr Che Rosle. He wanted me to clerk a renal cases. So i presented to him a 59 years old malay man with underlying ESRF for the past 10 years currently admitted for parathyroidectomy. My session was joined by dear 5th year friends. Thank You,guys. Its the first time i presented Hyperparathyroidism cases. I clerk him on the morning as I would like to time my clerking. However, i exceed the time & clerked him for 1&half hours.Hoho. He taught us about hyperparathyroidism, how to diagnosed&investigate. Later he touched on renal replacement therapy. It was a detail discussion indeed & I love it!!!! But felt sorry to dear juniors who follow the session, it was a lengthy one & hope da discussion benefits all of u =)

On wednesday, i had short cases session with Dr Ng. Initially, he asked me to do long cases but i requested for short cases because this week i already had 2 long cases. *Saturated mode* So,we did 3 cases - respiratory system (bronchogenic Ca), CVS system (prosthetic valve) & Neuro case (CVA). I learned a lot today. I practiced a lot for this short cases however during respiratory, i fumbled&forgot few things - flapping tremor&vocal resonance. Frustrating!!!!hahaha. Frankly, I was nervous like hell. As usual, my session was joined by dear juniors. Hope they learned from the discussion.

On Friday, i had long case with Prof How after the CPC at his room. I presented a case of 32 years old indian man who is unemployed with the history of chronic heavy alcoholic drinker currently presented with seizure. I really admired prof How. He taught me to the very great details. He easily found my weak spot & advised me to improved. I should understand more about VT, cardioversion & defibb.

Apart from these classes, regarding my study group with 5th year friends- we focused on renal topics (Nephrotic,nephritic, APKD, ARF, CRF, ATN, RAS, RTA ) & we touched on anatomy of renal & relate it to diuretics. Yeayyy~ now i understand more about renal wic i seldom read up previously =)

Yesterday, i had revision with 3rd Years - we discussed on ACS.

So this is it, i already came to an end of my internal medicine posting. 1 Down, 5 more to go. Im looking forward for another great experiences. I thanked Kak Wawa for her assisstance in this 1 month & kindly asked her to pray for my success.

p/s- training myself to start everything with bismillah. As i always forget.Huhu

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