Sunday, August 1, 2010


Just wanna share wit u guys...This is my all time fav fairytales...hehe
I always hear this songs as it reminds me to always believe in ur dreams...
when we are positive, we will work towards our dreams, as long as it cums with a gud niat...
Allah will definitely help us along the way...

ENJOY listening & do sing-a-long..haha~

the other part that i love is when da prince cum to cinderella & they dance all night loooonggg~
They are sooo in love....just by looking at the person. U just know that he or she is the one....hahahaha...berangan lagi =P

p/s- when i was a kid..i want to be just like cinderella
pretty, kind hearted & married to a prince charming...haha =P

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