Tuesday, September 28, 2010

False Alarm

Perlanjutan Biasiswa. Sounds easy to be done. But trust me, its not that easy. Huhu

2nd September I submitted the Scholarship form for the second time & the next day, the OSCC dept sent the form via Pos Laju. My previous form was lost & did not received by JPA. I dont know what happenned previously & no point in pointing fingers of whom should be blame. Maafkan lebih baik daripada memendam & serahkan semuanya kepada Allah kerana Dialah Yang Maha Adil & Maha Mengetahui Segalanya.

Ive been calm in settling this issue. But trust me when I said my emotion was like roller coaster while meeting & talking to the person incharged either face to face or via phone. I believe in talking nicely, smiling & negotiate with the person in charge. Discuss with them the efficacy that had happened in their department & plan for the solution. Getting angry & lashing out your emotion wont help the situation. Im human, they also a human being.

But of course, at the back of your mind, eventhough by doing the right way, your problem did not solve or the person become irresponsible of the situation, you definitely know what to do. Met Prof Nasa. Haha=P He definitely will help you. But Im glad, things went as I planned by Allah's will.

Yesterday, I called JPA. I would like to confirmed the status of my application. Based on my previous experience, its better for you to call JPA yourself rather than wait for the PA in OSCC to do it for you. You know the result faster & you can take immediate action if anything goes wrong.

I called Puan N to ask my application status as it had been sent before raya. She said this type of application will be put up in a meeting around October & I have to wait until then. Then I was told to give her the number of my mail (pos laju) & the date of post which at that time I did not have . (the form was post by OSCC. So need to get from them) She asked this detail because I asked for her help to check wether the form already received by JPA or not.

Later, I called up The OSCC Bos, to get the details. It was mailed in 3rd of sept with the no of en-blabla-my (rahsiala sgt...haha=P)

Today, again I called Pn N to check regarding the form & she connected me to another person who responsible to receive all the letters sent to JPA.

Alhamdulillah, it was received by JPA on 7th September.

Initially, when I gave my mail number, she said it was not received by JPA. She checked it from 3rd september to 23rd September but to no avail. My heart felt like being stabbed to death. Oh No, it cant be happening again. I dont want to go through the hassle of going up & down from OSCC to Office KOM again.

I said to myself, Calm down..calm down..investigate this one by one. Haha=P
(skang bole la gelak, tadi dah mengucap panjang + pucat lesi)

I asked her, how can I checked where the problem is??
(UIA had proved that they had sent the letter & JPA deny of receiving it...nak kena cari pos ofis pulakke???Tiiidaaakkk~ it cant be this difficult just to send a form )
She suggest of me checking with the post office.
(Ish, leceh nie..mesti ada cara lain..THINK..THINK)

Then I said to her politely...akak boleh tolong cek balik no yg saya bagi tue??betul ye no tue yang akak cari?? So, I gave her the number again & she kindly rechecked it.

Later she said, Sorry cik, we did received your mail on 7th September.
Alhamdulillah~ I said it loudly with sense of relieved. I called via phone at JHC. Even Akak operator smiled when seeing my response & she said, dah dapat ye~ =)

It was a FALSE ALARM atlast. My highest gratitude to Allah.

From other point of view, the person whom I called just now should double check before concluded that my mail was not received by them. If Allah havent been with me just now, lending me His strength, I dont know what the consequences will be (Taknak bayangkan...huhu.) BUt always remember, we are humans & they are humans too. Alhamdulillah, Allah telah gerakkan hati akak tue untuk cek lagi sekali.

Lesson to be learned:
Take all the precautions, check & double check, think & anticipate of the consequences before you break a bad news. You could never imagine how important the matters for certain people. Ahaks~

P/s- Tapi jangan jadikan kelemahan manusia sebagai alasan untuk sering melakukan kesilapan yang sama & tidak memperbaiki diri sendiri.

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