Saturday, September 25, 2010


Its weekend again. This weekend I decided to stay in kuantan. Next weekends, we will have wedding reception's in Sg Besar. Remember the wedding I attend in Melaka. Next week will be at our cousin's house. Next week, I also would like to see my friend's graduation day. Rindunya nak jumpa korang sume!!!

Yesterday morning, I tidied up my room. Series, its been a mess for a week!!! haha. Kalo cik fiza crite masa HO je bilik dia bersepah-sepah. Saya masa student pun dah bersepah especially bile ada banyak things to do for next days class. Ntah apela akan jadi pada bilik saya masa HO nanti. Haha. But trying to improve on that. Selalu cakap kat diri, letak barang kembali pada tempatnya. Tapi bile macam-macam kena buat, saya main letakje atas katil & nampakla tak kemas bilikku. Hoho

Then I went for breakfast & later went to ward to clerk & update few patients. Next week, 3rd years will be having their exam. So I definitely unable to go to the ward & have a look at the patients. Ruginya!!!huhu. Abis 3 hari camtue je..Isk~ So im preparing few cases in case I have a chance to have CP with our lecturers. We must be one step ahead kan kan atau pun sediakan payung sebelum hujan.

Cases that I prepared:
1) 25 yo housewife primid G1P0 @ EDD+1 day with GDM under diet control with big baby. e/a for LSCS due to big baby. Sian dia, dia tau baby dia besar & dinasihatkan undergo LSCS on her antenatal checkup 1 day before her EDD after scan by doc. Previously, nurse that check her said her baby is ok. Her last scan on her 32 weeks said her baby was about 2.6kilos. Antenatally her GDM also well control. Kelmarin dia undergo LSCS & baby dia 4.6kg. Ishh, masih xdapat pecah record baby seen by ck fiza & nadhir. 5.6kilos..hehe

2) 38 years old housewife grandmultip G9 P8 @ 36 weeks POA with anemia in pregnancy, gdm under diet control, 1 previous scar due to breech secondary to fibroid 4 years ago, history of myomectomy 1 year ago & patient is also underweight & this is the first pregnancy for her 3rd marriage. admitted due to reduce fetal movement. Oh lagi satu, she also wants to opt for BTL after this pregnancy

3)33yo housewife G4 P3 @ 25 weeks POA. Twin pregnancy - MCDA. Spontaneous conception with family history of twin (her cousin on her father's side - tapi significant if mother's side kan..Hermmm~ ) admitted due to leaking liquor but no other signs of labour & no signs of infection, UTI or chorioamnitis. This is 2nd episode of leaking. 4days before hari raya, she also admitted due to the same chief complaint. For information, this lady is a wife of one of our UIA attendant =) semoga semuanya berjalan lancar for both of them =)

4) 35years old housewife G2P1 @ 36weeks POA with 1 previous scar (EMLSCS due to fetal distress) 3 years ago. she is also underweight currently admitted due to premature contraction which she came to the clinic to rule out IUGR baby.

Later, I went to the library. However, I didnt studied much because tibe-tibe takde mood. haha. Mula la tue syndrome rindu-rindu datang.ahaks.

Later, I went back to hostel & found out dear rumets watching korean movie - my girlfriend is a gomiho. Best cite dia & klaka too!! the mean gal in da story resembles yu hi in the ANJELL series. Teacher Doong Ja resembles Taekyung (seriyes faced, control macho, kulit licin gile & rambut fesyen2.hehe) I joined them until I felt sleepy & decided to sleep for awhile before asking them to have dinner at 5.30pm together. But foundout I slept straight til 12am!!! Goshh~ teruknye saya. Rumet-rumet plak membiarkan saya tido dgn jayanye. haha Ini hanya terjadi pada waktu-waktu tertentu bile rukhsah dtg & tak perlu solat ok =P

I also found out that there was Nisa's message & miscalled in the phone. Sori Nisa. Im totally in the dream world & undisturbed!!huhu.

Teringat masa kami mengikuti cerita ANJELL. Setiap minggu anxiously waiting for new episodes & kat ward mesti akan berkumpul gosip2 pasal Go Mi Nam & Taekyung Hyungnim. Kawaayeee~ =P

Today I woke up early & had breakfast with few juniors. They were asking tips on the day of exam & how the exam will be conducted. They are very hardworking since day 1 of their posting. I know they can do it. I hope all of them can make it. I want them to stay positive & keep praying to Allah. Im very lucky to have them as my juniors.

Currently in the room, reading & do some MCQs for O&G. I also write some notes. Alhamdulillah, I really enjoy O&G posting eventhough saya terkilan O&G posting kali ini tak sediakan jadual extra classes for remedial like old times. Prof Hamizah kate Prof MUkhtar sebenarnye terlupa. Huhu. Saya teringat lagi bila dr bahiyah@dr suhaiza nak wat kelas tuk remedial, kitorang selalu nak join tapi dihalang oleh doc kerana doc mahu beri perhatian pada mereka & ini adalah special session. TAK ACI!!!!huhu.

But most important thing, berlapang dada & always pray to him.
Ya Allah, please ease my way through this 6months =)

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  1. Yana. I enjoy reading your entry about O&G because I just finshed my rotation in o&G. Nak special request boleh tak. Huhu. Can U write the shortform sume tu? Adoi2. Indonesian always have their own terms=(