Thursday, December 2, 2010

DAY 12

Today's activity:-

1) clerk papillary thyroid carcinoma case for longcase with prof wahab next wednesday

2) short case session with Prof Hamizah; normal pregnancy, twin pregnancy & breech
- It was just So -so. huuu~ Im frustrated with the performance though~
- nway, learn from your mistakes!!! SMILE~

3) preparing & continue revision O&G.....

Tomorrow, planning to join Dr Bahiyah's class. Im sure the session will be very beneficial to double check how much basic knowledge I had grasp with me. It is also to check wether what I understand is a correct one & lastly, it will help me in answering my PMP paper, insyaAllah =D

=Me: Just be hepy with the things I already have & just do my job the best that could =========================================================

Dear self, Just do the best & the rest leave it to Allah. Nothing to worry rite~ SMILE =D

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