Sunday, August 22, 2010

13th of Ramadhan

Tomorrow is day 13th of Ramadhan. Time really flies as fast as they could. Like they are chasing for something. Definitely no turning back. This is the time you grab all the opportunities that lies ahead of you. It will be a BIG LOST for those who only concentrate in their worldly affairs.

"Ya Allah, please open up our eyes , hearts and minds for your words and your wisdom is so much beyond our knowledge. Please forgive us for what we not see and show us the way to the straight path."

I promised not to miss any of terawih prayer this time. Unfortunately, I already missed 2 times. It was because of unavoidable circumstances. Huhu.

First one, I had a very bad stomach ache. Really bad one. Memang serik!!! Not due to food poisoning. Awal-awal puasa, perut meragam sikit. Hoho

Second one was yesterday, my husband was tired & not feeling well. His cough was worse than I thought. I advised him to sleep early, had a good rest & I take good care of him =)

Just now, as usual, went to musolla CF sister for terawih prayer. I like to pray there because of the cool aircond. It makes me comfortable & didnt realise of the time until we reached the last rakaat. Haha

However, since last week, I noticed the number of people went for terawih starts to decreasing. Today, its even less than before.

I really enjoy this ramadhan.

The time I had.

Really enjoy the food, once in awhile go to the mosque, iftar with roommates, family & in laws, waking in the morning for sahur, reading quran as much as i can in a day & keep the positivities in the air.


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