Friday, August 27, 2010

Second Time

Again my JPA matters cannot be solved yet. Frankly, I nearly gave up to apply for the extension of my sholarship. I said to my husband I had more than enough saving to finish my 6months extension happily rather than bothering about all this. But my husband adviced me not to give up.

This morning me & my husband went to submit the form. I was asked by Kak Oya to submit to Puan Hasaliza Ashikin. Ok, so we went there. Turns out that Puan hasaliza was in a meeting & the other staff look at my documents. I did try contact her for so many days but to no avail.

In the form, it has 4 parts. Students only need to fill up part A & the rest will be filled by KOM office. The staff came to the counter & told me that the last part (part D) also need to be filled by UIA's Office. I was confused. Back than I did ask Kak ...... (after I received the documents from office), she said that part will be filled by JPA. So I called Kak Oya for clarification. She said yeah, the staff was right. Part D need to be filled by Prof Nasuruddin and Kak Oya said Kak .... should know about this. Why is there so many miscommunications!!! Only Allah know how I felt that time. Kuantan & Putrajaya is not just 1 block apart. Sabar...sabar....

Another thing was the staff asked me to get support letter from the department to recommend me extending my scholarship. This one was funny. Since the department was the one who filled part B and C of the form, why still need another letter plus it does not mentioned in the document to attach extra letter from department. If the department does not recommend me to extend the scholar in the first place, the department will refused to fill in the form. So where is the relevance of the letter she asked. Even my other colleague does not need to attach this extra letter. Even Kak Oya confused why this letter was need. Previously they just submit the form. usual I just do what they ask. For me this is the last. After I did what they asked but they still asked more. Then that said. You guys know what Im planning to do.

But for now, sabar & serahkan pada Allah sahaja. Ada rezeki ada. Takde rezeki than that said. Tak guna nak penin-penin kepala. Just happy for what you already have.

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