Monday, August 2, 2010


Well, new posting had arrived. So, here i go again. As usual, meeting the HOD & get few words of encouragement& reassurance from him ( appointment had been set to tomorrow at 9am. Today he took EL). Go to respective wards, make our presence noticed by them, get to know the juniors especially getting to know their leaders, catch up their latest schedule & exchange phone numbers with them.

Today, im a bit moody. Usually I went to hospital around 7am. But, today, my stomach feels sooooo different. I kinda felt nauseated. So i woke up at 6.40am & when to JHC at 7.30am. My husband called me at 6.10am but i refused to woke up, hoping the nauseated thingy go away with addition of few more minutes of sleeping. Guess what, it still there!!!Huhu. I dragged my feet to bathroom with a thinking of cold fresh water will make the feelings goooo away. Unfortunately, it's just wont work. Is this what u called as monday blues. Haha

I gathered all the remaining positivities & I went to JHC. Instructing myself to SMILE, held your head high & looking for a bright future. At that time, i noticed i received a message from a colleague, telling she would like to go with me. Oh my!!!I totally forgot about her. Atlast, she went to class for the first time today. Good for her. Being denial wont bring any good. Just go on with your life. Look around, there must be something good that you can do despite being .......... ( No, liyana no!!!!U promised not to said&think about it anymore. Uve already locked it up in a wooden box, throw it into the deepest sea in the world with the key inside & not to open it anymore. Ever!!!Look forward. Be hepy with everybody. They've got theirs, u will got yours soon. Allah's with you). Ok2...haha.There's just my monolog. Abaikan=P

Yesterday, I did a minor revision. Today, in the ward, i did scheme down all the common cases in the ward & look at the management. so tonight, i know what to revised & in what way i can improve my knowledge. Met Cikun & Tini at the ward. They are doing their very best-clerking cases, updating the patient. Just say 'hai' to them, xmo kacau & sgt2 faham dah jadi HO nie mmg busy. In between, something tak best jadi - but guess what, berlapang dada saja. They will have grand round at 2pm. They looked scared of being scolded. May Allah give them the strength to pursue whats best for them.

Apart from studying, i need side activity. I dont want to be dull. I want to have life & enjoy it everyday. In the evening, i set aside time for whatever i wanna do. I resumed my jogging activity last week. Building back the stamina is my target. I want to be fit. Saying ure once a fit person is no used if u dont maintain it. So I make a few plans. Jogging, skipping & do aerobics - crunch or cardio exercise. Jogging is easy. I just went to taman bandar & jog there. I tried to buy skipping rope & VCD for aerobics & it turns out to be frustrated. Tak jumpa!!!sape sorok nie.haha. Tapi baruje cari kat KP. Guess, i need to go to ECM for that. Adoii,bile nak pegi tue.

I have this idea at the back of my mind nak gi facial. Mesti very soothing & relaxing. haha. Did few times before tapi tak consistent due to class yang tak tentu masa. Once in awhile, bawak diripun best jugak.Hehe.Jalan sorang2. Gi TC, jalan2 mane2laa yang boleh jalan, go to any of the restaurant, find a personal& private place & take out a book & read. I did it yesterday.hehe. Go to sushi King, duduk meja paling selesa&tak bising. enjoy my meal leisurely & read books. I sat there for 2 hours - undisturbed by anybody. Good!!!

Already being here for 1month, I starting to noticed that I used to be alone by myself. Indulge in my own thinking, planning & imagination. Sometimes call my dear honey, asking what he's doing & have a lovey-dovey chitchat - "dear, i always pray for your safety out there". Above of all, I start to love it!!! (oh no, am i suddenly being anti-social???=P - penyalahgunaan perkatan di sini dari sudut pandangan psychiatrist.hehe - but i believe u guys know what i meant. kan kan ) Rationalize the thing back. Its I have no choice. Setiap orang ada masa lapang&busy masing2, tak perlu susahkan mereka. Im already 25, gonna have my own career&be a mother soon (Amiin~). So, Ive got to be independant & find what I want to do in life. Plus, i have Allah, my family & friends that always at my side eventho all of them are far away. (saying the word far - makes me my eyes rolled up with tears T_T - dont worry not going to cry.haha )

Whenever you go. Mind setting is very important. Saya selalu berkata kepada diri sendiri, Im just a student like any other. Thinking that ure doing an extension will cause you to stress up. Why not just go with the flow until you reach the end. You'll definitely do wonders!!!

Everyday, just enjoy the bright sunshine. Enjoy the nikmat of vision that Allah gave you. Enjoy the nikmat of able to use your hands and feets. Enjoy the nikmat of taste- able to eat all the delicacies that you like. Enjoy the nikmat of learning - Allah grant you such an intelligence & healthy mind & many more. Most important is to enjoy the nikmat of Iman & Islam. This will keep you in the straight path & memberi ketenangan di dunia&akhirat.

Until then~


  1. Cik Yana. I'm alone here in Muar too. Yep, Syaima's here but being in the same house pun I've not seen her for some days. Posting lain, so kat hospital pun jarang jumpa. Kak Mas, Aizu pun posting lain. So I'm totally alone. Sorang-sorang tagger O&G sedangkan orang lain dah lama kenal each other, diorang sume baik dan tak pernah buat saya terasa left out, tapi sometimes tak dapat tangkap jugak perbualan diorang. Duduk rumah sorang-sorang, bila balik kerja I have nobody to talk to (that's why I membebel a lot in my blog). Makan kena cari sendiri. Etc, etc. But I was never really alone. Allah kan bersama saya =)

  2. yup..dats wut i felt too...hehe
    yeah,alwz said to myself..Allahs with me&our fam always pray for us kan ck fiza =)
    juniors here sgt baik dgn saya...i even have discussion grup wit them...
    in ward,they all always luk for me&tanye ada apa2 akak nk ajar kitorg harinie..thats wut motivate me to dat i able to teach'em sumthin =)
    samelaa kite ck fiza..jadinya bebel kat blog..haha
    jom bebel sama2~ Yeayy~