Sunday, August 29, 2010


This weekend I had the opportunity to have iftar with nenek & family in laws

Friday - 27th August 2010

After we went to JPA, me & my husband went back to Bangi.
I miss my home.
Lots of memories.
Lots of ups & downs. Laughter. Crisis. Happiness. Tears.
This house is like a dream house of my parents.
They wish for a corner lot & it stood opposite to a mosque
Alhamdulillah Allah granted their wish.

Daddy chose himself the cabinets, lamps & fans for the house
Daddy planted the grass with both of his hands
Mommy framed all my brother's drawings & put it up on the wall along the stairs
& many more we are...happily living in the house

Last July, my family moved to Saudi.
The house was left alone.
But sometimes we did visit the house.
This ramadhan nenek is staying in the house.
Easy for her to go to mosque & it has lots of activities during this month; tadarus, arabic class,etc
Nenek also had a lot of friends here =)

So we had iftar with nenek.
Nenek cooked for us 'gulai ayam'
Nenek said she liked to eat roti john& ikan bakar
So we bought for her.
Nenek took good care of the house & is very comfortable with the house.
Next week nenek will go back to Kuala Lipis.
InsyaAllah we will see each other again in 3rd day of raya

28th August 2010

Yesterday, me, my husband, abah, mak & along (brother in law) went back to Sg Besar
This is abah's kampung.
Abah has a BIG family.
And we stayed in Beeza's homestay. Hehe
I always looking forward going back to Sg Besar
This time most of abah's siblings will be gathering here to have iftar together
I followed abah & mak to bazaar
Reminds me of bazaar in Kuantan
We bought all sorts of drinks - jagung, mata kucing,tembikai, kelapa, cincau, soya =P
We were joined by:

Paman Darus's family - all were here except nisa'
Paman Jamil's family
Paman Dong's family - only kakchik & hilmi

Over here, everything we did together.
Chit chatting, watching TV, taking nap, eating except for one thing which Im longing to see.
I will always pray that my wish will come true =)

Among the above the best part was eating together.
Abah warned me many times to take the food quickly before it finished.Hehe
This family known to clean up the plates in just minutes!!! =P
Mak even saved air tembikai for me. TQ mak. I appreciate that.
But actually I dont mind if it was finished by someone else
Cause we share everything here =)
Abah said in his family dont ever worry of food being left overs...
But worried food is not enough for everybody. Hehe
Here, there are a lot of cousins that really enjoy eating.
Its fun to see them full of appetite.

Eventhough it was just a short stay
But indeed it was a memorable one & everybody was very happy
I really enjoyed staying with everybody but there is still a little shyness in me
Seeing this family always make me smile
And believes me, my smile comes from the bottom of my heart

Thank you beeza & mbokde for the kind hospitality
Thank you for sparing a room for me

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