Thursday, November 11, 2010

3 Weeks Away

Im at the library right now. Just finished revision on one of the O&G topic (Benign & malignant condition of UTERUS).

So, how do I feel today?? Practically, Alhamdulillah~ Im very happy as usual. Eventhough yesterday, the mood was like a roller coaster. But thats life kan. Touch & Go. Haha.

Everyday I reached the ward & reviewed the patient at 7.40am. But today, I felt like to sleep a litttle bit & woke up at 6.15am & later went to JHC at 7.05am. Today I fetched wahid at Dr Bahiyah's house. She still cant drive her car. Busaha ck wahid!! Who knows, maybe later I may be in need like wahid right now. Life is like a wheel, isnt it??hehe

This morning I supposed to have class with Mr Shukrimi. Yesterday he said he will do it after his OT, but he warned us to just standby in the ward. Initially, I thought of went to the ward slightly late. But at 7.40am, while having breakfast, I saw Mr Shukrimi with Mr Amin walking to the hospital from JHC. So I cancelled my plan & went to the ward as usual. My concept is must be there before 8am.

While im in the ward, leisurely suddenly Mr Shukrimi arrived & asked me "where is the others??" "erm.. tak sampai lagi doctor" "please call them, you are suppose to be in the ward at 8am" & I contact the unscheduled student & my colleague

Im in the ward early, maybe im used to be trained like that by our lecturers since my 3rd years especially in surgical posting. Prof Kyaw and Mr Junaini will inadvertently came to the ward & would like to do class at 8am without informing the students earlier. This is because the student s must be in the ward by 8am. So I always train myself to always be ready at all time & most important is always expect the unexpected

Later, they arrived & we started the classes. We discussed mainly on Osteoarthritis case. Its indeed a beneficial one for me =)

12.30pm: had discussion with Aswad, Farhi, Syaifi & Fendi about Varicose vein examination. Tribute to Mr Faidzal who taught me that. Its indeed a good revision for me.

In the evening, as usual I studied in the library.

And guess what, currently Im following the malay drama at 6.30pm on TV3 - CHINTA. Initially I hate that story as I think there is no values in it. But my oppinion is different when i watched this drama this week. There is changed of the behaviour in the drama which makes me want to watch everyday. hehe

But Dont worry. I will still take care of my study. Hehe


  1. eherm liyana akhir mengikuti cerita drma .. adakah yg kiter kutuk2 time tengok kt hotel aritu reramai? heheh ;)

  2. anor..btul2...cite yg kite kutuk gile2 tue..
    tp minggu terakhir saje yg ad pengajaran..
    tp pengajaran yg dia highlightkan sgt bgs..

    spt yg dia gambarkn..chinta nie kan hidup dia bergelumang dosa saje&life dia sgt teruk&org sll kate dia konfem masuk neraka...dia mmg nak rampas adi putra dr wife dia insaf&xjadi..

    episod last dia sgt insaf...dah taubat&tak buat lagi org sekeliling masih kutuk2 dia...last2 dia nk pindah ke mekah&hambakan diri pd Allah&nak mati kat sane...
    tp org sekeliling still kutuk2 dia lg..tuduh dia bukan2..

    last2 dia bersuara membela diri kerana xtahan org kutuk dia dgn berkata...
    "saya tahu saya kemungkinan besar masuk neraka...tapi saya dh bertaubat&berusaha kearah serah ketentuan saya pd Allah...tapi makcik yg hina-hina saya nie, konfem sgtkah masuk syurga sampai tuduh saya akan tarik anak makcik masuk neraka.."

    huuuu~ mmg realiti pun mcm nak wat baik,kite asik sangka burukje..padahal,ntah2 allah pn dah ampunkan kite je kutuk2 dia smp ckp,konfem dia mask neraka...padahal nasib kite pn xtau lagi dimana - syurga@neraka