Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Vital Signs

This is exactly the question being asked by Mr Khairussalleh to each group that went to Surgery posting. Believe me. Hehe. Since my professional exam is around the corner. I will put it here, then. So I will always remember & will use it during my practice later on.

Blood pressure
100 - 140 mmHg (male)
90 - 140 mmHg (female)
60 - 90 mmHg (both)

Pulse rate
60 - 100 beats/min

Respiratory rate
14 - 18 breaths/min

36.8 C - 37.2 C

Pain Score
0 (no pain) - 10 (the most unbearable pain to the patient)
Prof Azmi did asked how do you standardise the pain score in between?? & I couldnt find the answer until today. Huuu~

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  1. what does it mean by in between?