Sunday, November 28, 2010

Keep Moving~

Since yesterday morning, more topics successfully revised..Alhamdulillah~
Not only understand the diseases but also managed to do MCQs related to the topic.Syukur~

Thyroid diseases
Breast cancer&benign diseases
Pancreatic diseases - pancreatitis & pancreatic carcinoma

Hopefully - tonite can cover LGIB (colon ca,diverticulosis,hemorrhoids&differences btwn UC,CD)

"Ya Allah, Kau lah yg Maha Pemurah, yg Maha Mendengar, yg Maha Berkuasa...
Kau mudahkanlah urusan kami...."

PS - My family will return to Malaysia on 1st dec..Yipppeeee~

PS - Yesterday had a wonderful talk regarding life as HO, but I chose not to go eventhough deep down im screaming to attend the talk. Huhu. After deep thinking, I made a decision to sacrifice from attending the talk & prioritise my work - focusing on my exam. Plus my husband came to kuantan yesterday.

It was great, I do my revision next to him. Whenever I did my MCQs & there's something that I couldnt find in the book, he will help me to search for the information in the internet.
Semoga Allah melindungi kamu & mudahkan urusan kamu =)

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