Monday, November 29, 2010

DAY 15

Today I followed Mr Junaini's class with the final years. We supposed to have an extra class with him but our class clashed with final year time table. So its been rescheduled to this Wednesday. But no heart feeling at all as I still able to joined his teaching =)

Its indeed a good one & I learned a lot too. Afterwards, I asked him lots of questions which I got confused or not sure after doing lots of MCQs.

Guess what, Mr Junaini patiently answer all my confusions & explain everything to me eventhough at that time he was about to go somewhere else. We walked from the ward, went down by lift & stopped near the A&E and sat at the waiting chair to discussed my confusions & misconceptions. Thank you Mr Junaini. He said, its good to asked questions, so that you double checked what you understand to avoid any malpractice in the future due to misunderstanding of certain diseases & management.

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