Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Currently its raining cats & dogs everywhere. I guess lately its raining in my heart too. Initially I just ignored this feeling & move on. But I guess, I just cant help it & need to write this down.

Its just 3 weeks to pro & suddenly I felt like this. WHy?? I just couldnt know why. Am I stress? Am I not happy? Am I not prepared? Am I...& still I dont know why.

BUt I hate to be sulking around, being pesimistic & just lock your self up. I want to be freed from this feeling. BUt I just dont know how.

I think since last week I noticed I couldnt open my book during night time after isya. Usually I will study atleast one topic during the night & later sleep tightly. BUt I just couldnt do it anymore since last week. I want it to be stop but its still recur day after day.

Time & tide wait for no man. If all this persist, my future will be at stake. I dont want it to get in my way. Maybe I need a little rest & pray more to Allah.

May Allah help my way through. There are times I felt soooo hopeless & just want all this to come to an end, pack my things & run away. BUt that is soooo not my style. Run away definitely wont settle the problem, instead it will pile up more problems than before.

Maybe I just need to bear this feeling for awhile & just do what I can as usual. Hoping all whis will just fade away~

Dear myself,
Please Be patience. Its just for awhile. When the going gets tough, the tough will always gets goin. With all the patience you showed, Allah pasti takkan sia sia kan kamu. So held your head high & SMILE AS ALWAYS =)

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  1. chaiyok2 kak yana!!
    any probs that u have and wud like to share,don hesitate to tell us!!
    kami sedia mndgr ok!
    luv u akak rumet =)