Friday, November 26, 2010


Its down to 2weeks left. Cepatkan masa berlalu.

I think Im able to feel dis way because I really enjoy along the way. No point of blaming others, thinking you should pass & they made a BIG mistake. No point of blaming fate. No point of feeling sad & depressed. No point of thinking negative about yourself.

The best way is to take this opportunity (never think it is a setback) to grab more knowledge & learn more from the lecturers. Correct all the mistakes that you did before & strive for the best. You might not know what's a head of you. Yes you are not sure wether you could make it this time or not. BUt hey~ what's the point of worrying. Just fulfill your responsibility & the rest leave it to Allah. Ape2pun, you already have the knowledge. So SMILE~

Orang Islam harus menerima Qadha & qadar, teruskan usaha & tawakal pada Allah. Allah kan Maha Mengetahui dan Maha Adil. Apa yang Dia tetapkan pasti ada kebaikan & hikmah disebaliknya. Ini adalah janji-janji Allah. Jadi kenapa mahu susah hati??betul tak??hehe

Thanx to my parents, my family, school teachers, lecturers & friends for teaching Islam since I was born until today. If not because of them, I definitely will be just like some of people out there whose life is chaotic & miserable with nothing to hold on to. Im so fortunate to be blessed with a strong&positive heart & mind. For me now, my 5months challenge nearly come to an end. Please pray that Allah will ease my way through & im able to pass my final exam this time.

Minggu nie, saya banyak revise medical. Terasa banyak yang sudah samar-samar dalam ingatan kerana medical adalah posting pertama saya (4bulan yang lalu). Jadinya, apa yang saya buat, pagi-pagi adalah saya praktis short kes & kemudian ikut ward round. Jadinya di situ saya dapat menilai di mana kelemahan saya. Sebelah petang pula, saya revise teori & tekankan pada apa yang sudah terlupa pada siang hari. I miss my study group very much. The best thing now is to make the best of what you have and be happy with it =)

The best part for this week was Dr Hasnur offered his time to do extra short cases with us. Abdomen system & cardiovascular system. He said he picked this 2 systems for our short cases during this Pro. Ouhh thank you for the tips doc!!Indeed~ you are an inspiring lecturer with vast of knowledge. Keep teaching IIUM students & shared your knowledge with us. You always make things easy for us. May Allah bless you & your family =)

This weekend I will revised surgery as I have revision session with Mr Junaini on monday. And I promised to myself to give my VERY best =)

Ya Allah, please lend me your strength & ease my way through~

P/s - ouhh, i really need a vacation. Yipppeeee~

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