Saturday, November 13, 2010

A New Day

List aktiviti harinie:

Subuh - Ya Allah, kau mudahkanlah urusan Kami~
Kemas bilik, basuh baju, susun nota
Breakfast - Bayroute - nasi dagang.Nyummm~
JHC library til evening - cover CVS
Dinner Outing with roommies - Santai - My menu:Spagetti bolognaise, fries & Lychee drink
Room - Watching Nobuta Wo Produce + reading psy notes

Just now, I received message FB from Dr Hasnur asking do we want any revision with him. Straightaway I said YESSSS~ rezeki jangan ditolak. So I will see him on Monday to arrange our timetable. Thank You doctor, both of us really appreciate it =)

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