Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sports Injury & Shoulder Day

Wednesday in Orthopaedic clinic is for subspecialty (sports injury, paeds case, OA, shoulder, etc)
Yesterday, Mr Shuk advised us to find sports injury cases as it will definitely come for our short case in december. (Soalan bocor!!!hehe)

So we follow Mr Amin, as currently Mr Amin is the one who will do the ligaments reconstruction

me: Mr AMin, can we follow your clinic.
mr AMin: Yes (with a smile)

BUt Mr AMin had a right knee pain today (gout) - syafakallah doctor

1st case is one of IIUM staff.
Previously had underwent Left knee ACL reconstruction in 2004. Currently came with left knee pain.

Examination revealed : positive patella grinding & medial joint line tenderness
Diagnosis : Patellofemoral & medial compartment arthritis
Management: Physiotherapy, cycling, analgesic. TCA 3/12

Later we had lots of shoulder cases

(will complete the entry later.Huuu~ currently something need to be done.)

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