Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DAY 14

This morning I had a long case presentation with Prof Wahab - AECOAD secondary to pneumonia

Well, today he did comment a lot on my presentation. The content was complete but the way I arranged the points is not up to his standard. Its good when an experienced speacialist corrected your presentation as it will help you to present as houseman in future. Apart from all, I could feel his passion in teaching & he hopes me to do better this time & pass my exam~ So, I listened to all his comments & saved it into my long term memory. hehe

So, he would like me to present again next week on Wednesday. But this time, he would like me to present a surgery case (ntah2, saya akan dapat kes surgery kot kalinie.ahaks=P)

So, here I am & I promised myself that Im going to take the challenge & present better next week up to his standard. Go LIYANA!!! =)

Evening Time:
Revision as usual - BPH & renal stones
& I did lots of MCQs today =)

And guess what~
I got a walnut brownies today!!!thank you awis..u made my day & I studied in the library happier than before.

This is all because yesterday he put up a status in FB saying he made a walnut brownies & I was like...nak!!!haha (siyes xmalu mintak..harap awis xkesah ye~ tapi ni mintak daun keladi,nnt lepas akak xm nak lagi...muahahaha..mmg sah tak malu) Yelaa~ andaikata akak abis blaja tahun nie, ntah bile akak bole rasa lagi kek awis.hehe

Awis is a great cook!!!jeles!!!I wish I have my own kitchen & can experiment with lots of dishes,cookies & cakes. Dik, U should do side bussiness in future.

One more thing that Im craving his yummies sandwiches...huuu~ wat la lagi awis~ akak mengidam nie...sob sob~ =P (dramatik.muahahaha)

Nie Awis yg buat..hebatkan kan kan...hehe

p/s- Still got time & Im gonna use it wisely..Please Help Me Ya Allah~

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