Monday, October 4, 2010


Lately I noticed that I always craving for chocolates.
My love for chocolates also had been noticed by my husband & in laws.

Previously, I do love chocolates very much. Chocolate bars, ice cream chocs, chocolate biscuits, Nutella, hot chocolate, chocolate ice blend, Gardenia choc raisin, chocolate bun, etc. Everything must be chocolate. But Im not a die hard chocolate fan who would go to nearby shop just to by a bar of chocolate. Hehe
Im not until today~ =P

I went back home last thursday & found a big box of ferrero rocher in the fridge. Still havent been opened by anybody. Must be abah's chocolate. Hehe. At that time, Abah&mak already went back to Kampung that morning.

I stared at the chocolates inside. Ferrero rocher is my all time fav chocs!!Yummmy~ How I wish I could eat one of it. I know abah wont mind. But Islam taught us to ask permission before you take something that belongs to others. So I said to myself, please be patient for 1 day until abah came back after our cousin's wedding in Sg Besar. Each time I opened the fridge, I will look at the chocs. Isk~

The next day (Friday), Abah called asking at what time will we driving to Sg Besar for the Kenduri??I talked to abah but forget to ask about the chocs. Hehe. After that, I sms Abah asking to eat one of the chocs. Abah laughed & replied by saying....
"Abah beli chocolate tue untuk menantu abah.If yana menantu abah, makanla sampai habis.."
& abah continued to laugh....

Yeayyy~ Its for me. Baiknye Abah!! But its a manner not to finish eating the chocolates bought by others in one go. Ferrero is an expensive chocs. So you also must share with others. Abah also must be exaggerating when saying all the chocs for me!!!hahaha =P

At kampung is quite busy. So I totally forgot about the chocs thingy. Sibbaik~ haha

During on my way back to Kuantan by bus, I called my husband telling my whereabouts & later abah talked to me asking...
"Yana, abah nak tanye.. nape tak bawak balik skit chocolate dlm peti tue..."
Later I screamed (though only heard by me..huhu)..I totally forgot to take some of the ferrero with me...huhu. I said to abah. Please save for me. & abah said..
"Dah. abah dah simpan tuk yana dah. Abah dah bagi orang len sorang satu. Lebih-lebih tue untuk yana." Yeayyy...TQ abah. But I wonder when I be able to come back home again. huhu

Again today, I started to crave for chocs.
After the class, I went to the store & bought many chocs in small packets. Though now, Im in tight badget & not able to buy ferrero myself. huhu. Well, to be frank, I can just take out money from my bank Islam easily. But Im teaching myself not to take out the money leisurely without strong indications=P So, I must make sure these chocs last for 1 week!! haha. All this is sooo funny!!!!haha. Part of growing up, I guess. Hehe

Right now, Im eating one of the chocs slowly & enjoyed each bite of the chocs melting in the mouth...Yummm...

p/s- I started my peadiatrics posting today =)


  1. ehem2,tak ak offer kat dear rumet kah??hahaha

  2. Ferrero my fav choc too!

    Menantu kesayangan abah rupanya dia. Good Luck for the paeds!!

  3. err..akak...adakah itu petanda Damia' akan mendapat kawan baru???? (^_^)... heeeee

  4. Assalamualaykum wbt,

    Hmmm...macam kenal je :-)

    Tapi tak tahu selama ni suka chocolate he he...

    Patutlah kenduri hari tu souvenier for guest chocolate, nasib baik pengantin tak sapu...:-)

    Anyway, nice blog. K Hanim suka....!!

    K Hanim

    P/S - K hanim akan pindah seksyen 7 minggu depan

  5. fana: hahaha..nak bg ada satu bikut coklat akak pn mlm2 blk bilik tido =P
    tasha:Yeayy~ ada geng..kamu posting ape skng?
    ipen: erk??cmnie kah tanda2nye..haha

  6. wslm kak hanim =)
    welcum to yana's blog..hehe
    tbe2 trase malu plak khanim baca..mesti khanim gelakkn yana...haha
    cane khanim bole jmpe blognie?? =)
    sile la khanim tambah pd ape2 yg kurg@btulkan mane2 yang salah...
    rindunye pd kak hanim...
    nak pindah dah??ic..ic..kt sek 7 tue umah sendiri ke @sewa juga??