Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Physical Examinations

I always find that practicing physical examination is fun.

But to make it fun of course we need to read before hand. The atmosphere become much more fun and interesting when we do short cases with close friends We will present to each other & others will act like an examiner & ask questions.

This I believe a very good practice. Practice always makes perfect right.

In my previous professional exam, I will always came early to hospital at 7.30am to do short cases with friends until 9am. We will do 2 to 3 cases. Do a little bit of questions and answers until management. Sometimes, we will use saturday or sunday morning to do short cases. The colleagues that I shared doing this activity are Ijat, Cik Nana, Cik Nun, Kakti & ck Yana Nordin. Oh, how I missed them right now.

Short cases need a lot of practices in order to make the flow go smoothly & present fluently. Everyday I will review my l'ittle book of causes' to refresh back the common causes that will be asked by doctors depending on the systems. But as time goes by, it will just come naturally because you understand the topics.

And today, I still continue to practice short cases every morning. But this 2 weeks I could not make it because of classes in early morning. Huhu.

Sometimes, I asked few juniors to join me & do some teachings with them. This could also enhanced my memory & I always love to teach dear juniors.

I always believe that our lecturers could instantly know wether the student did practice a lot just by looking how we handle patient & how we perform the examinations.

And as usual, I always enjoy doing short cases =)

p/s- currently practicing the examinations using pillows by myself (I already sent back home my little teddies.Huhu) & you know what, Im practicing with my imaginary friends. Hahahaha =P

=== Always make the best of what you have & Move forward ===

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