Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nothing Like A Fren

I think lately, my life is a bit stereotype. My daily routine is just the same. But I always said to myself that I must be thankful & enjoyed each & everyday of my life.

In order to be happy, it is not necessary to have the best in life but always make the best of what we have. We always want & longing for the things that we dont have. We always compare with others. Saying they are more lucky, happier, prettier, wealthier than us. But we never look at what we already have & utilise it to the maximum.

Thats why in Islam, we are taught to be grateful with what we already have.

Orthopedic department is currently organising A Diabetic Foot Conference for 3 days (20/10 - 22.10). Anor & Wahida came along the way from Kedah to join this conference.

This afternoon, the 5 of us (me, anor, wahida, wahed, kraihan) had lunch at gerai keropok sagu, tanjung lumpur. We ordered quite alot & finished everything in no time. We talked & laughed like a kid. Hehe. It feels so good to be able to spend time with them.

Anor as usual always had stories to share & wahida was known among the HOs of her dept to be a strict & dont-messed-up-with-me person. Haha. She also wearing new style of tudung & a pair of pretty+unique spectacles.

Anor & wahida sharing same postings & staying in a same room. They look like a grown up persons with responsibilities on their shoulders. I know they are doing their job the best they could. Im very happy to see them.

Just now, after maghrib, we (the 5 of us+waena) had dinner at Tanjung Lumpur. Initially, Wahida craving for chilli crab. But due to some circumstances, we changed the plan. So this time we ordered ikan aji aji bakar petai, ikan siakap 3 rasa, sotong goreng tepung, udang sambal petai, tomyam, sayur kailan & sayur kangkung. Everybody was very hungry at that time. As usual, we ate while sharing about current issues, working, studying, etc.

I felt soooo relieved having half day outing with friends. Hehe. I guess, I really missed my friends very much.

Tomorrow, Anor & Wahida are going back to KL. They want to drop by at Kamal Bookstore (wahida lost her stethoscope & anor would like to buy some books) before they proceed their journey to their hometown.

I wish each & everybody all the best in whatever they are doing. Make sure we start our day with a good niat & intentions. May Allah ease our way through & leads us along the way =)

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