Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nephrology Update 2010

Alhamdulillah, This weekend Im able to join Nephrology Update. Organised by IIUM in collaboration with HTAA. I think this is the first Nephrology Update that had been done. by IIUM. Previously, there was only medical update.

Initially 30 seats were allocated for students & it is for free. But later, HOD - Dr Che Rosle changed his mind by saying, students who would like to join must pay RM30 - student rate. But since I already gave my name like 1 month before the conference, I just agreed with the term given. Frankly, I nearly changed my mind. But in my oppinion, if you plan to do good things but suddenly there comes second thought, wouldnt it always came from syaitan, doesnt it???hehe. I guess so~

And Im glad that I made a right decision. Stick to the initial plan. I learnt a lot from it & I enjoyed the session very much. Its sad to say only 4 students attend the conference - Me, Asma, Nabilah & Najwa. But I think it is expected though~ the fifth year students will be having their exams just around the corner.

The speakers invited are the 'OTAI' in this fields (I hope u guys understand what I meant by using the word OTAI. hehe =P) Among the speakers apart from our HOD, Dr Marzuki & Mr Nazli(urologist) are :-
- AP Dr Kamaliah Mohd Daud - Consultant/Physician Nephrologist from HUSM
- Dr Zawawi Nordin - Consultant Nephrologist from Hosp Sultanah Nur Zahirah
- Dr Mohd Ramly Seman. Nephrologist HTAA

I felt very lucky to get lectures from them & they provide so many informations in each topic until the management. You dont have to worry of being ask or need to prepare anything regarding the topics. They just tell you from A to Z. The best part, the speakers acknowledged the students & keep saying, "I believe there is students here so I would like to show this this & this" or "in student days, this thing is very confusing for students but think this way". Oh, how I wished lots of students attending the conference too.

The conference was held for 2 days. The topics that had been covered:-

First Day
1) Epidemiology of CKD (AP Dr Kamaliah)
2) Screening & classification of CKD ( Dr Che Rosle)
3) Nephrotic Syndrome (Dr Zawawi )
4) Diabetes And Kidney ( Dr Marzuki)
5) Lupus Nephritis ( AP Dr Kamaliah)
6) Medical Management Of Stone Disease ( Dr Zawawi)
7) Hypertension And Kidney ( Dr Ng Kok Huan - Cardiologist HTAA)

Second Day
1) Specific Management of CKD ( Dr Mohd Ramly)
2) Obstructive Uropathy ( Mr Nazli)
3) Renal Replacement Therapy Option & Outcome (Mr Mohd Ramly)

As you can see, this course was very extensive & I listened to all the speakers very attentively & I did not sleep at all. In the middle, of course there was break for breakfast, lunch & even tea. The food was very delicious. Hehe. This morning, the menu was nasi goreng, nasi lemak, karipap & doughnut. After the session, we found out that there was still many foods left. So we took back some of it for our lunch. I heard that the caterer is the wife of one of JHC's guard =)

So now, I realised (more than before) how important it is to take good care of our kidney. Dont wait until we had DM or hypertension to worry about the kidneys. But its important to prevent it from happen starting from this very instant.

I purposely ask about additional salts taken in our foods - home made cooking @ outside cooking. The speaker answered to the question by saying, there is no doubt the relation of salt intake & kidney damage. Long term impact of taking additional salts could cause fibrosis to the kidneys which leads to scarring & renal failure.

So our role now is to educate our family members to take good care of their kidneys. Once the problem occurs, it will progress slowly & think about the cost to take care of the damage kidney if a person succumb to peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis. As well as its impact to the psychosocial of a person.

All in all, Im glad I made a right decision after all. Thank You Allah.

P/s-Unfortunately I accidently left my folders given for the course in the LH3. Huhu. I still had the memory of putting the folders inside my bag. But found out I might just hallucinated it as I cant find it in the beg or in my car. I hope the folder still at the place I left it. Huhu. But for tonight, Im lucky I have the soft copies of the lectures =)

P/s- The medical book that I lost last week still hadnt been found yet. I put on a search everywhere. In my room, the car,the library, common room, all lecture halls & even the wards which I dont bring that book to the ward since Im in paeds posting. Even to the extend I look at the roads ( I had a thinking of did I put the book on top of my car???) I remember it clearly I put it in the car. Guess I might left it somewhere else also & think I did bring the book to my room which the same that happened today. Huuu~ That book is my fav book & in it I put some of my important notes. Ya Allah, please help me in bringing back my book. (Ada sape2 ada doa untuk cari barang yang hilang??)

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