Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Classes Back To Back

Today was quite hectic. But I learnt a lot today. Thank you Allah~

This week we have 3 days session with Dr Zain. Yeah, I admit that he always put up a very long session. But if you listen carefully to what he said, you will find out that each & every sentence of his words is very beneficial. It is exactly the same question being ask by other lecturers & even what is being ask in MCQs.

I found out that re-entering his session makes me understand better about the topics & makes my revision easier. I even noticed that I could answer other lecturers questions based on what had been taught in Dr Zain's classes. Thank you doctor =)

Session with Dr Zain:
Yesterday - enuresis & chronic constipation+encopresis
Today - functional abdominal pain, lymphadenopathy & part I:fainting
Tomorrow - part II:fainting & hypertension

After finishing each session, I was able to come out with a note regarding the topic. What's being taught by Dr Zain was very easy to understand & very systematic. He explained the topic very well & I guarantee everybody could understand 100% of the lectures if nobody doozed off in his classes.

Alhamdulillah, I managed to stay awake the whole session & enjoy answering his question. Indeed he is a very passion lecturer who wants to share his VAST knowledge with a new generation of doctors-to-be.

May Allah bless you always, Dr Zain....

And just now at 9pm, I had a class with Dr Siti Noor. I always mesmerised by her beauty =P
Dr Siti Noor is also another lecturer who taught us with passion. She always makes us realised which is the important thing that needs to be highlighted in a certain diseases.

Just now, one of the juniors presented about a case of a 4 years old Malay girl presented with chronic skin rashes for 2 years which the condition worsens in this 1 month. The diagnosis was atopic dermatitis with cellulitis.

Apart from learning the disease based on academic purposes, Dr Siti Noor highlighted about the emotional part of a child. The child is a girl. Since age of 2 years. she's having skin problems which later could lead to scar if not well taken care off. The doctors need to educate the mother that this problem will need continuous treatment. If not taken seriously,the child might develop inferiority complex when she sees another girl with flawless skin & able to wear skirts. She will be teased by her friends in the future. She will refuse to go to school & this will impair her development & learning process.

This shows that doctors is not just treating the disease physically, but a good muslim doctors will look at the patient as a whole.


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