Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This week is the last week of paeds posting. Same applied to the current final year students. So lots of classes had been cramped into this very precious weeks.

Since yesterday, I had classes non stop. Thank you to our lecturers for the time they had spend & knowledge that they share with us.

This morning, we had seminar at 8.30am (for 3 hours) & then I went to the ward to clerk & review patients. At 2.30pm, I had a short case session with Dr Nargis. Just now, I just finished another class with Dr Siti Noor at 1140pm. Eventhough, it was a late night class but learning with Dr Siti Noor always makes you energetic. Hehe. Lots of things had been discussed eventhough only 1 case had been presented just now. (was so tired to write about the case. HUhu. Sori~)

Tomorrow has another session with Prof Wahab at 9am & followed with short case session with Dr Aye Aye. Frankly, Im starting to feel tired but I have to bear it for the sake of knowledge.

But I really looking forward for last session with Dr Nargis this Friday =)

p/s - havent had proper meal today. Huuu~ & noticed time went by very fast~

==== Time & tide waits for no man ====

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